The Best of the Worst in Tech Company Mascots


We’re coming off drinking beer all afternoon yesterday at the Sox game, only to be followed by a night at a bar seeing the closing act of the Chicago Improv Festival, so let’s start out nice, simple and fun (and please leave those shades closed and try to not talk too loudly, okay?). From Chris Glass, we found a great piece over at Wired, “Lamest Technology Mascots.” It’s very funny, and you can’t but help imagine the meeting that the need for a mascot was chosen (“McDonalds has a mascot! Bob’s Big Boy has a mascot! Sure, we’re not a family restaurant trying to attract kinds, we’re a software company, but I think that’s exactly what we need to connect to our audience!”). Here’s a bit about Sun Microsystems‘…whatever it is:

Leave it to Sun Microsystems to identify one of its flagship products with an amorphous blob spotting a big red W.C. Fields nose. Duke, whatever he is, is the ambassador of Java and a wee bit shy of household name status.

Verdict: A 3-D Rorschach blot — what does he signify to you?