The Best Eight Minutes 18 Months Can Get You

hillemmy.pngOver the week-end in the Primary obituary that was this weekend’s NYT Alessandra Stanley boldly declared that the best television to be had this year was the Democratic Primary Season. It should get an Emmy! (The Emmys, by the way, had their own special section, something else we wouldn’t have known if we hadn’t shelled out the four dollars).

The campaign’s television season began in earnest in 2007 and hasn’t finished yet, but early on, the narrative grew so compelling that many viewers who got addicted to 24-hour news channels during the writers’ strike never kicked the habit to return to shows like ABC’s “Lost” or “House” on Fox once regular programming resumed.
Meanwhile, for those of you who may have missed out on said compelling viewing, Slate has handily condensed the eighteen long months into a bit-sized eight minutes for your increased viewing pleasure (though, somehow, it’s still exhausting). After the jump.