The Best Brand Timelines So Far

Facebook Timeline has just gone live for brands, and Ad Age says “it’s as if dozens of little corporate museums just launched on Facebook.” Coca-Cola has posted memorabilia going back a century and a half, including a handwritten letter from a store owner praising Coke, the New York Times is posting historical front pages, and Old Spice has decided that it was created when a ship’s captain and a one-eyed leopard “accidentally mix space rocks, tank weaponry, a race-car spoiler, cool sunglasses and a vampire fang.”

Ad Age has posted a handful of its favorite uses of the new storytelling medium. Here’s another, courtesy of a commenter: the Timeline for the new show Dallas. The show is a continuation of the original ’80s drama, and so to get new viewers up to speed, the page features one of the old show’s characters telling “the truth about the Ewing family”–aka the plot of the original series, complete with stills and movie clips.

While this is certainly a powerful new tool for brands, it’s important to use caution. We note that Coke has plenty of information about “New Coke” (perhaps its biggest failure as a company), which is admirable, but will BP promote information related to Deepwater Horizon?