The Best Black Friday Deals on Twitter

Black Friday is almost upon us. 70% Off, Three-For-One, and Limited Time Offers await us if we can break free of our turkey stupor and brave the crowded stores.

We want to make your Black Friday shopping experience as painless as possible, so we’ve gathered the best Black Friday deals on Twitter for you. You’ll find deals not advertised anywhere else, aggregated deals, special offers and much more by following these Twitter accounts. So get saving!

Accounts to Follow

Black Friday Twitter Accounts

These are the accounts to follow for Black Friday deals on Twitter. If you’re looking for the most popular deals, the most obscure, or the most recent, following these accounts will have you covered.

@BlackFriday is the basic Black Friday Twitter account. It lists deals almost every hour, from retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and even Seven Eleven. There are deals on macs, ereaders, free shipping offers, Blu-Ray players, and binoculars – all within the last few hours. If you only follow one Black Friday Twitter account, this is it.

@BFAds is another place to find Black Friday deals on Twitter. It is dedicated to Black Friday, posting as many major new ads as it can find. You’ll see $50 off Nintendo Wiis from Walmart, $50 Blu-Rays from Fred Meyer and more. This account tweets several times a day – and you can expect all-day updates on Friday.

@ThanksgivingAds will update Twitter users about the most recent Black Friday deals, but you have to visit their website to see them all.

@BlackFriday_FM tweets several times a day about the best Black Friday deals, linking to online sales, scanned ads and more.

@BFTweet has a ton of Black Friday deals tweeted right on its Twitter feed. It posts dozens of deals a day, from 99 cent cables to > $100 portable DVD players to lots of freebies that will be given out as Black Friday incentives.

@CheepTweet is a year-round deal finding Twitter account, but it is especially good for Black Friday deal hunters. You’ll likely have to check out their website to get at the latest deals, although they might be updating their Twitter account on the big day.

Corporate Twitter Accounts to Watch

These aren’t Black Friday deal-specific Twitter accounts, but if you’re interested in buying anything from these big-name stores on Friday, you’d best follow them on Twitter to be the first to hear about their deals.

@WalmartSpecials posts its daily specials along with Black Friday deals here. The giant everything-store has announced Black Friday deals on Twitter for video MP3 players for $29, 19″ LCD HDTVs for $98 and a GPS for $79.

@TJMaxx announced that fabled $100-off deal on iPads a few days ago via Twitter, and sold out in hours. Keep watching this account for other amazing Black Friday deals.

@BestBuy posts regularly, but there hasn’t been too much Black Friday activity on this account yet. Still, it’s one to watch for potential killer deals on electronics.

@Target has posted some pre-Black Friday deals on Twitter thus far, so watch this space for even more as the day draws closer.

@AmazonDeals posts deal-of-the-day type deals year-round, but has also tweeted Black Friday-only deals recently.

@AmazonKindle announced just 19 hours ago one of the best deals you’re likely to see this Black Friday season – $89 Kindle 2. While we’re not expecting any better Kindle deals than this you never know!

Hashtags to Follow

The following hashtags will be tracking different types of Black Friday deals on Twitter.

#blackfriday is the number-one Black Friday hashtag on Twitter. It is currently a Promoted Trend by Target, but it will likely remain popular until Friday’s over. You’ll find fantastic deals by following the conversation around this hashtag.