The Bennies of Pig Mucus, Dandruff Cures

How do you feel about using pig mucus as deodorant or feeding it to your newborn baby?

The weekly press package put out by the American Chemical Society is a little strange this week and may leave journos with permanently raised eyebrows. The press pack contains news from more than 40 peer-reviewed journals and Chemical & Engineering News. In this week’s edition we learn that scientists believe pig mucus could possibly be used as an anti-viral agent that could be used in baby formula, hygienic products, wound ointments and genital lubricants to prevent infection. Slurp!

The ACS also reports that scientists may have found a way to get rid of dandruff for good.  Scientists say new antibiotic medicines were more effective in preventing the growth of a protein identified in the fungus which causes dandruff. Unfortunately, new medicines won’t be on the market in time for scalp-challenged journos who plan on attending the WHCD in black jackets.

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