The Beaver‘s Name Change Makes Suggestive Headlines

Oh, The Beaver. Canada’s history magazine. One of the oldest publications in the country, The Beaver has fallen on hard times. Circulation has dropped, and because beaver is a slang word for lady parts, SPAM filters have been blocking emails and newsletters from the magazine. So last month the publication announced that come April, it would change its name to Canada’s History.

The press has been having some fun with the story. has a charming round-up of some of the better Beaver-inspired headlines:

  • The Register: Spam filters stuff Canadian Beaver
  • The Uniter: Hands off my Beaver
  • Media Bistro: Canadian History Magazine The Beaver Finally Gets The Joke
  • CNET: School Web filters force Beaver into hibernation
  • The National Post: Canada’s 2nd oldest magazine sheds its pelt
  • The Gaurdian: Dam nuisance: Porn spam filters force the Beaver to change name
  • Beaver magazine finds name all wrong for Internet
  • Gadling: Canada can’t handle The Beaver
  • Book Ninja: No Beaver please, we’re Canadian
  • Beaver mag renamed to end porn mix-up
  • Notes And Queries: A Beaver By Any Other Name…
  • Reuters: Honey, did my Beaver come in the mail?
  • Back of the Book: The Beaver turns tail
  • The Sudbury Star: Less sexy handle for ‘The Beaver’