The Barcode on That Fake Donald Trump Time Magazine Cover Belongs to Some Karaoke Software

Aria for the Bizarro World product placement win

March 2, 2009 Time magazine issue

One of the strangest aspects of the fake March 1, 2009 Donald Trump Time magazine cover ferreted out by The Washington Post’s David A. Farenthold is the fact that the barcode that was used for the artwork belongs to a product by Aria called Audio Video Karaoke Software:

The easy to use Aria software allows you to mix music and music videos like a DJ, plus sing karaoke in one streamlined package. To maximize your fun, the user friendly Aria (all-in-one) entertainment software features DJ, Karaoke and Scratch modes.

A seemingly appropriate contextual reference for a cover that co-opted various print-media ingredients to create a new Time magazine DJ(T) mix. New Jersey writer Jordan Merrick dug up this barcode detail and tweeted it to Farenthold. His footwork is mentioned in a Gizmodo piece by Adam Clark Estes, who tried to piece some of the other origins elements of the phony promotional cover.

When Estes did some Google Images searching, one of the similar fake Time fronts he found involved Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine. Meanwhile, the how-to-make-a-fake-Time-cover online tutorial referenced in the Post article by Farenthold uses an image of Barack Obama. However, the most comical aspect of the self-published Trump Time cover may be the fact that it has been hiding in plain sight.

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