Awl Spoof Inspires Ex-Journo to Teach Dogs How to Use iPads

The above headline is not a joke, even though The Awl article that inspired it was.

Kelly Faircloth, picking up on her earlier BetaBeat item and a report this week by The Today Showexplains that once-upon-a-time New York Observer colleague Anna Jane Grossman is currently involved with a business that teaches dogs how to use iPads, so that these pampered canines can more effectively engage with their owners. And that’s not the funniest part.

As Today revealed, Grossman got the iPad learning idea from a January 2011 spoof (pictured) written for The Awl by David Parker. Gag article, meet real-life spin off.

Over at The Awl end today, Alex Balk has no words. Reached by FishbowlNY via email, Parker had this to say: “If you don’t believe deep in your heart that your fake journalism can inspire dreams and change lives, why even bother putting pen to paper? Also those School for the Dogs t-shirts are great and I want one.”

[More info on Grossman’s company School for the Dogs, located in Lower Manhattan, can be found here.]

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