The Awards For Best Oscar-Related Tweets Go To…

If we learned one thing from the Oscar telecast Sunday night it might be that a bad, boring awards show can make for some entertaining Twitter content (and that an emerging medium can thrive on the rotting carcass of a dying one). If you checked your Twitter feed at any point during the broadcast (and for some time after), you were likely inundated with reports, many of them more insightful or humorous than the show itself.

The reviews for the Oscar telecast were predictable, with the show being called bloated, indulgent, old-fashioned and awkward. The consensus though also seems to be that many people wouldn’t have it any other way. Should you have wished, you could have followed all the action on Twitter alone, but of course you’d miss out on all the Gay Super Bowl fun (see Best Hashtag).

If you were only concerned with a real-time list of winners you could have followed @TheAcademy (or parsed that all those “Natalie, can you be any more boring?” tweets meant that Portman had just nabbed the Best Actress statuette for Black Swan). How ever lousy the show itself was, Twitter users found ways to amuse themselves. As writer and comedian Gennefer Snowfield pointed out, “At least a bad awards show makes for some hilarious tweets.”

Without any further ado (or any bad song and dance numbers, uncomfortable sketches or wooden dialogue) here are some of the top tweets of the evening:

Best Hashtag
Any variation of #Oscars was completely irrelevant since most folks in the western world’s feeds were most likely dominated by Oscar tweets anyway. The one hashtag that really summed up the true relevance and irrelevance of the Award’s show coverage had to be #gaysuperbowl.

Best Summing Up
Author and NYU professor Adam Penenberg nailed a new locution inspired by the host: “Franco (v.): 1.) To smoke up before a big event to take the edge off only to take the edge off your performance. 2.) Bleary-eyed MC-ing.”

Best Best-Actress Tweet
Vice magazine with characteristic gentleness offered its take on Sandra Bullock handing off the Best Actress baton: “Sucks that now Natalie Portman’s husband has to cheat on her with a white supremacist, but rules are rules.”

Best Best-Picture Tweet
And the Award for the Best Best-Picture Tweet goes to television writer Shawn Ryan: “AMBER ALERT reported in LA. Little boy named Oscar taken from rightful owner David Fincher. Culprit believed to be foreigner.”

Best Fake Retweets From Vanity Fair’s Post-Show Party
Esquire online features editor Foster Kamer had a little fun with VF’s official account, mock retweeting things such as, “RT @vanityfairmag: Graydon just “pimp-slapped” Franco. “I deserve better,” he screamed. Then he told me to Tweet it. #vfoscars” and “RT @vanityfairmag: Dickie Ward keeps taking shots with Kirk Douglas, wants to get him more “wasted.” Graydon can’t stop laughing. #vfoscars.”