The Atlantic to Host Forum on 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

Live from New Orleans, 10 years later.

It has been a nearly a decade since Hurricane Katrina devasted large swaths of New Orleans, leaving thousands dead and tens of thousands displaced. To commemorate the anniversary of the event and the progress made toward rebuilding the city, The Atlantic will host a daylong event in New Orleans on Aug. 24.

Named “New Orleans: Ten Years Later,” and organized in conjunction with the Urban Institute, the event will draw on the expertise and stories of New Orleanians and individuals across the country and across different disciplines.

Confirmed media panel moderators and speakers include: Atlantic national correspondent Jeffrey Goldberg, who will interview New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu; Atlantic editor in chief and president James Bennet; New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet; The Times-Picayune print director Terry Baquet; and NPR special correspondent Michele Norris.

Those interested in attending should contact Jessica Spiegel at