The Atlantic Relaunches Site

Oh, this is nice.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 8.33.42 AMIt must be national Relaunch Your Website week. One day after The Wall Street Journal debuted its new site, The Atlantic has unveiled a redesign of The good news for readers is that both revamped sites are big improvements.

The new is less chaotic than the previous site and places more of an emphasis on images. Just look at the homepage pictured above; that’s what you call pleasing to the eye. In an announcement, James Bennet, The Atlantic’s co-president and editor-in-chief, said one goal of the revamp was cleaning things up.

“There’s enough clutter and distraction out there already. We wanted to bring the classic Atlantic values of focus and impact to bear on the urgency of the Web, to give our journalism the visual power we think big ideas deserve.”

We certainly appreciate the changes, and we think you will too.