The Atlantic Redesigns Web Site

The Atlantic‘s Web site has a new look, and a few new features. The magazine announced today that it had redesigned its site, and lo and behold, an updated force for news on the Internet.

The redesign adds a few new features, including a navigation panel that organizes stories into various themes, such as “Politics,” “International,” and “Food.” Two new recurring features, “Other Works of Genius,” and “The Interns Recommend,” also make their debut. Beyond that, users should have an easier time posting comments thanks to new software, and they’ll find that when they mouse over some links, the previews of what’s in store will pop up.

The Atlantic has over the past couple years been taking steps to revamp its visual presence, both on and off the Web. Readers may remember back in late 2008 when the print editions got a facelift to mixed reviews.

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