The Atlantic, Mother Jones, Reuters, Wired And Others Launch “Climate Desk”

The Atlantic, Mother Jones, Wired, Reuters, Slate, Grist, your mom, the Center for Investigative Reporting, and PBS’ “Need to Know” series all banded together to launch “Climate Desk,” a project that aims to aggregate information on climate control from across different platforms.

Back in March, before the project officially launched, Reuters’ Felix Salmon wrote the following:

I’m a little scared and more excited to kick off a serious and ambitious exercise in collaboration across a spectacular range of websites, including Center for Investigative Reporting, Grist, Mother Jones, Reuters, Slate, The Atlantic, Wired, and WNET. (Update: the Nation Institute is also involved.) It’s called The Climate Desk, and although its website isn’t up and running yet, it does have a mission statement:

The Climate Desk is a journalistic collaboration dedicated to exploring the impact — human, environmental, economic, political — of a changing climate.

My job is to look at the corporate side of things: whether and how big companies are preparing themselves for the downside of climate change.

According to the Climate Desk site’s Q & A section, the project is funded by the Surdna Foundation and the Park Foundation, and its contributors are looking into other “potential sources of funding,” including reader donations.

Currently, Climate Desk’s website includes, among other things, an article by Salmon on corporations and climate change, as well as links to related pieces from Mother Jones and Wired.

Update: To answer Joel‘s question fully (See how well we take care of you when you comment?), we asked Felix Salmon to explain what role, if any, Reuters has in The Climate Desk. Was Reuters a contributor, or was Salmon working for it independently? His response:

It’s a bit of both. My piece is up on Reuters, and they encouraged me to write it, so in that sense they’re contributing. But this was mostly about me writing the piece on a freelance basis, and Reuters isn’t a fully-fledged member of the consortium.

And there you have it. Thanks for your question, Joel.