The Atlantic Launches New Politics Section and Preps for a Slew of Hires

It's tripling political staff.

The realization of a plan to move open-to-the-public coverage of politics from National Journal to The Atlantic, announced back in October by Atlantic Media chairman and CEO David Bradley, begins today with the launch of new politics section and a new 2016 election feature called 2016 Distilled.

Making a comeback today is The Edge, a daily, politics-oriented newsletter, which moves to The Atlantic from its old home at the National Journal.

The site launch is the first part of The Atlantic’s plan for its expansion of political coverage, the seeds of which began with the October 2015 creation of a Washington bureau at The Atlantic, led by bureau chief Yoni Appelbaum.

A major component of that expansion plans extends to The Atlantic’s political reporting staff, which will triple in size this year. The Atlantic has already begun that growth by bringing in National Journal staff members that include Sacha Zimmerman, Nora Kelly, Clare Foran, Priscilla Alvarez, Marina Koren, Andrew McGill and Michelle Cottle. The publication will announce the addition of five more hires in the next few weeks.

The number of politics-centered live events will also be ramped up. “For 2016, we are expanding not only our digital and print coverage of politics and policy, but also our live events programming—here in Washington and at the political conventions this summer,” said The Atlantic president and COO Bob Cohn said in an announcement.

The Atlantic promises, as does every publication covering politics ever, to bring something new to political coverage. In The Atlantic’s case, that will be a focus on the ideas behind the policy. For our part, we’ll be taking a look at The Gaffe Track, 2016 Distilled’s “oops” collection.