The Atlantic in June

The Atlantic‘s June cover story by Jeffrey Goldberg, who reports from the region, is “Danger: Falling Tyrants.” Snapshot: “The crumbling of dictatorships across the Middle East presents the Obama administration with a conundrum: How to nurture the spread of freedom while managing the rise of Islamic fundamentalism? By promoting democracy in some countries while propping up monarchs in others.”

Read the story here.

Also: After spending a recent week in Alaska, Joshua Green writes on the “tragedy” of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Green writes about her record in Alaska, which he indicates was far more favorable than people may know. But he also informs that Alaskans don’t want to talk about it: “I learned that Palin occupies a place in the minds of most Alaskans roughly like that of an ex-spouse from a stormy marriage: she’s a distant bad memory, and questions about her seem vaguely unwelcome.” A poll shows her more unpopular in Alaska than President Obama. Green found sparse evidence of that in gift shop Sarah Palin toilet paper.