Atlantic Digital Hires 3, Promotes 1

Bob Cohn, Editorial Director for Atlantic Digital, has announced new hires and a promotion.

The hires: John Metcalf (from WJLA/Channel 7) — staff writer on Atlantic Cities, Matt Haber (The New York Observer among others like Salon, WCP, The Village Voice)– news editor of The Atlantic Wire and Jen Doll (The Village Voice blog, Runnin’ Scared)– senior writer for The Atlantic Wire (pictured above). The promotion is for Andrew Cohen. He moves from Correspondent to Contributing Editor of

Read the full internal memo…

From: Cohn, Bob
Sent: Wednesday, January 18, 2012
Subject: New year, new faces

Sommer [Mathis], Gabriel [Snyder], John [Gould], and I have some exciting moves to announce in the world of Atlantic Digital.

John Metcalfe started yesterday as staff writer on The Atlantic Cities. He comes to us most recently from WJLA/Channel 7, where he made his mark with a prolific stream of smart, funny, informative updates for the TV news site’s weather blog, earning the never-before-bestowed “best weather blogger” award from Washington City Paper. John has also worked at the New York Times, Seattle Weekly, and City Paper, covering everything from whistleblower lawsuits to oddball neighborhood trends to municipal corruption.

Matt Haber starts next week as news editor of The Atlantic Wire. In recent months, Matt has filled in a few times for Gabriel and done a terrific job. In this new role, Matt will oversee breaking news coverage on the site. Over the years, Matt has effortlessly hopped between print and digital, news and features. He has done stints as a senior editor of The New York Observer, overseeing its online media coverage; a contributing editor at Radar magazine and its web site; and the online managing editor of The Village Voice. Along the way, he’s written for numerous publications as a freelancer including The New York Times, Esquire, Slate, Spin, Salon, Wired and New York. He is moving back from the West Coast and will be based in New York.

Jen Doll joins us January 30 as senior writer on The Atlantic Wire. Jen currently writes and edits The Village Voice’s news blog Runnin’ Scared, where she has helped orchestrate coverage on topics ranging from New York’s passage of same-sex marriage to Occupy Wall Street to finding love in Hurricane Irene to the royal wedding. At the Wire, Jen will work primarily as a writer but will also get a chance to draw on her talents for editing and meticulous organization, which she developed as a copy editor and managing editor for various publications.

Andrew Cohen, a writer on since late 2009, moves from Correspondent to Contributing Editor. Andrew has played a significant role in the success of the site, covering legal and national affairs with intelligence and distinction. In his expanded role, Andrew will be writing three to four posts per week on law-related subjects as well as a range of other topics.

These are great additions to our teams. Please welcome them all.