The Atlantic Explores Sickness of Facebook

Feeling lonely and pathetic? Blame Facebook.

The Atlantic‘s second annual Culture Issue is out today and the cover story, by Stephen Marche, explores the affects social media like Twitter and Facebook are having on the mental and physical health of individuals as well as their impact on society. New research suggests these mediums, despite enhancing connectivity, are driving people toward narcissism and loneliness.

Also in the magazine:

  • “American Mozart: The Genius of Kanye West,” by David Samuels– This one’s a goodie. At a recent fundraiser in New York City, President Barack Obama is asked to pick between rappers Jay-Z and Kanye West. He picks Jay-Z and says this of West: “He is a jackass. But he’s talented.”
  • “How to Make a Hollywood Hit,” by Nicole Allan– An inside look at the “strategic ‘rules’ that Hollywood is following to appeal to the largest audience worldwide.”)
  • “The Tea Party Takes Japan,” by Molly Ball– Seriously, there’s a small group trying to make the Tea Party happen in Japan.