The Atlantic Delves into the Realm of the Single Woman

November’s Atlantic delves into brand new ideas on marriage. The cover story, entitled “All the Single Ladies,” says women are coming face to face with two kinds of men in their quest to marry: the deadbeat and the playboy. The author, Kate Bolick, gets deeply personal about her own experiences with men, relationships and sex. Even the publicist couldn’t put it down, confiding, “The cover story is fascinating…simultaneously hopeful and fear-inducing.”

An excerpt: “Take the high-powered magazine editor who declared on our first date that he was going to spend his 30s playing the field. Or the prominent academic who announced on our fifth date that he couldn’t maintain a committed emotional relationship but was very interested in a physical one. Or the novelist who, after a month of hanging out, said he had to get back out there and tomcat around, but asked if we could keep having sex anyhow, or at least just one last time. Or the writer (yes, another one) who announced after six months together that he had to end things because he “couldn’t continue fending off all the sexual offers.” And those are just the honest ones.”

More dating anecdotes…“I’ll never forget the post-first-date e-mail message reading: ‘I wanted to marry you last night, just listening to you.’ Nor the 40-ish journalist who, on our second date, driving down a long country road, gripped the steering wheel and asked, ‘Are you The One? Are you The One?’ (Can you imagine a woman getting away with this kind of behavior?) Like zealous lepidopterists, they swoop down with their butterfly nets, fingers aimed for the thorax, certain that just because they are ready for marriage and children, I must be, too.”

The Atlantic‘s November issue is online now. The magazine hits newsstands Tuesday.

Read the cover story here.