The Atlantic Adds Health Channel, Nicholas Jackson To Edit

The Atlantic has launched a new channel, The Atlantic Health, which promises a “broad approach” that will “bring[…] you vital news and analysis that matters to your health and wellbeing.”

The channel will be edited by Nicholas Jackson, formerly a writer in the tech channel.

The channel promises to be lively, and Jackson and the site’s writers will have their work cut out for them. In Jackson’s introductory post, the commenters are already coming out to play. There are the people who think the reporting is already not rigorous enough (“I hope this column is intended to add to the debate rather than parrot the usual undigested tripe”) and then those who believe mainstream medicine is out to get them (“I myself, for example, have made the decision after have several major problems with the quality of health care, to begin the process of being my own doctor”).

Good luck, Atlantic! You stepped into probably the most controversial topic after politics!