The Art and Science of Brand Engagement on Instagram (Infographic)

Instagram is becoming a place for brands to engage fans with creative and thoughtful visual content.

Visual content has exploded on social, and for Facebook-owned visual network Instagram, the growth has been exponential. While on one hand, brands have been slow to integrate Instagram into their social strategies, some brands recognize that Instagram is still a place for organic growth and engagement.  

Indeed, Instagram is a place where creativity flourishes and according to an infographic from KISSMetrics, marketing on Instagram is both art and science.

The infographic outlines what makes Instagram more appealing than Facebook, noting that the parent company has a restrictive news feed algorithm that doesn’t favor large audiences. Whereas Instagram is a live-feed display that doesn’t take audience size into account.

In fact, there is some evidence to indicate that audience size doesn’t necessarily reflect reach. According to the infographic, hashtags from some of the most successful brands on Instagram are mentioned throughout the network, mostly by people who aren’t following the brand.

Like any network, there’s a perfect post time that is dependent on your time zone and country. However, Instagram also favors certain colors. And despite the buzz and push for native video on social networks, photos still get the most engagement on Instagram.

For more details, check out the infographic below.