The Apple Tablet Event

2:20 The publishing world’s collective jaw dropped as Jobs put up the final price point for the basic iPad: $499. Gizmodo has the rest of the price range: “And the 3G models cost an extra $130, so $629, $729 and $829 for the 3G-capable models.”

2:00 Most importantly, Jobs unveiled iBooks, Apple’s tablet bookstore. There was a shot of books priced as low as $4.99–is that real? See above. A classy bookshelf display. And, thankfully, iBooks will use ePub, meaning it, unlike Kindle, is compatible with lots of books and publishers.

1:48: App developers are up. The New York Times app sure looks like it beats the hell out of the cruddy iPhone app.

1:38PM ET Apps: iPad will run all iPhone apps, whether or not developers modify them to fit the screen. iPhone owners can download all their already-bought apps onto the iPad. Engadget pointed out that Apple hasn’t yet said anything about multitasking. There will also be iPad apps.

1:28PM “Let’s go back to the hardware,” said Jobs .5 inches thin, 1.5 pounds — 9.7 inch IPS display. 16, 32, 64 GB storage. Powered by Apple’s own A4 chip. 10 hours battery life in use, up to a month on standby. WiFi, Bluetooth, Accelerometer, Compass, 32-pin connector.

1:18PM ET: Indeed it looks like a giant iPhone. Jobs is now showing various kinds of content, email client, other stuff on the tablet. He’s sitting in a chair, browsing the device, and everything he’s doing is projected on a big screen. All of these great photos are coming from Engadget, which is doing a much better job than the New York Times of keeping up with the event.

1:12PM ET: Jobs talked about how Netbooks are too slow, not good enough, and Apple’s got something better: “We call it the iPad.”

1:09PM ET: Jobs took the stage right on schedule and started the event by giving some updated stats on the App store and on other Apple products, then took the audience on a tour of Apples past, from its founding 34 years ago up through the iPhone…and leading to…

12:58 ET. Engadget snapped the above photo of the Yerba Buena center as folks were sitting down, noting the table and chair set on stage.

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