The AppFund Looking to Fund iPad App Projects: $5K to $500K

Excited about the soon-to-be-available Apple iPad? Think you have a great idea for an iPad app that will change the world? Have the skills to get it done but lack the funds to kickstart it? If you think somewhere between $5K and $500K will get your iPad project off the ground and running, point your browser at…

The AppFund is: …a seed fund focused on the development of Applications for Tablet devices such as the Apple iPad. We are looking for Apps that capitalize on the dynamic and mobile nature of the iPad and similar Tablet devices.

The AppFund is managed by serial technology entrepreneurs Kevin Wendle and Daniel Klaus. They will consider funding iPad app projects ranging from utilties to enterprise business solutions.

The submission process looks like a relatively simple one (but looks can be deceiving). You can find it here:

So you want to build an App.