The AP Byline Strike: The View from Washington

Click here to learn about the Associated Press’ three-day byline strike, which is to protest “the news agency’s proposals that would threaten job security, dramatically raise medical costs, and freeze wages.”

Turns out that Washington, D.C. played a crucial role in this strike. Although there is near unanimous participation in the strike here in Washington, sources tell FishbowlDC (DC has one of the AP’s strongest union shops in the country) that they almost didn’t participate…but not because they didn’t want to.

When the union decided to organize the protest last week, the D.C. bureau was initially reluctant, simply because the bureau’s size, coupled with the fact that reporters are hardly ever in one place at the same time, made it difficult to coordinate. As a result, they thought about taking action in a different way, but there was an outcry from union workers around the country: In order for this to work, Washington has to be on board for this to work.

And so, via email, the DC bureau got its act together and joined the protest.

Side note: Despite the protest, you may still notice that some bylines will appear on some articles. Why? If a story has source material, they are required to have a byline.