The Animated Head of Steve Callaghan Gets Interviewed


Not so much a design story, unless for some reason you count the creation of a television program to be some form of design, like, maybe “television design” or “story design” or something. But it has to do with animation, a show we like when we have the time to catch it, and again, it’s going to be a week or more before the Apple glaze leaves people’s eyes, so we’re running with it. It’s an interview at Creative Generalist with Steve Callaghan, a writer/producer for the show The Family Guy, all about how the show is constructed, how he got into it all, and so on. Here’s a bit:

Once the audio has been recorded, then our animation team takes the baton, creating an animatic, which is a rough, pencil-sketch version of the show. Once we all screen the animatic, the writers take another pass at the script to address any remaining writing issues. A while later, the show comes back in color. We then do one more, smaller rewrite on the script before the finishing touches (music cues, sound effects, etc.) are added and then you’ve got yourself an episode of “Family Guy.”