The Always-Closed Marfa Prada May Soon Close for Good

It’s been six years since the world’s loneliest Prada shop opened up in Marfa, Texas (or should we say “closed” since the doors are always locked?). The project, which was assembled by the German artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset, has been the subject of a number of reports of vandalism over the years, including the one that took places just a few days after it “opened,” when someone yanked the doors off and stole all the prop merchandise. While nothing so dramatic as that has happened since, and its windows have been replaced with “panes of three-eighths-inch-thick bullet-resistant polycarbonate,” along with video surveillance, it’s regularly been the target of spray paint, rifle and shotgun blasts, and seemingly all other forms of vandalism. After all these years of having to make costly repairs, the artists aren’t sure if they’ll be able to keep up with the expense on a project that was originally intended to naturally “disintegrate over time,” not at the hands of gun-wielding locals. For the immediate future, assuming they can raise enough money, they’ll keep it going, but it does sound a bit like the Marfa Prada may not be long for this world.