The Alternative Washington Times 25th Anniversary Party

From a reader and former Times employee (must have been one of those current or former employees who didn’t get invited):

    About 40 to 50 people turned up Saturday night, May 20th, for the second Washington Times 25th anniversary celebration of the week–this time for an informal get-together in the back room of the Hawk and Dove, which was a popular hang-out for Times staffers for years. Current staffers and former staffers of all ages and eras gathered from 7 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. for a nostalgic reunion that re-united many people who haven’t seen each other for years. The reunion drew people from throughout the D.C. and Baltimore areas, and former Metro assistant editor and reporter Vince McCraw came in from Michigan, and four people drove down from New York. The atmosphere was very positive, fun and upbeat–and a little bittersweet. People drank to, and remembered former Times veterans John Wilson, who was the Metro Editor and later an Assistant Managing Editor, and Pat Butters, who was the Weekend section Editor and a features writer, as well as other Times staffers who passed away in recent years. Pictures of John Wilson and Pat Butters were displayed on a counter, along with a memorial book about John Wilson that was put together at The New York Times, where John Wilson was an editor on the Science desk at the time of his death. All in all, it was a nice cap to the 25th anniversary celebration week for The Washington Times.