The Alternate Future of Print

Not everyone is wallowing in the doom and gloom state of the newspaper industry! Over at Media Shift Mark Glaser has created a guide to some alternative business models that might save print from itself. Here are some of his suggestions:

  • Blog networks: Aggregate blogs written by staffers, freelancers and readers. These blogs generate more page views that can be monetized with targeted ads, especially if the blogs are focused on specific topics like sports, health or politics.
  • Customized Papers: Print is far from dead. Many newspapers can use technology to offer up customized print pages — with ads — for readers, or hyper-local editions of their papers. A Brazilian paper recently let readers design their own front page(!).
  • Multimedia Ads: Many newspaper sites have been highlighting audio podcasts and video reports from staffers. It’s a great way to use the power of the Internet, and also a way to bring in new types of online advertising.

See the full list here.