The All-New Nightline

Every so often writing a blog really sucks–like how major news always breaks when you’re at lunch. Take today, for instance, where the news of Nightline’s new hosts broke exactly 2 minutes after I left for a long lunch. Our cousin, TVNewser, has already assembled good coverage, so instead of entirely rewriting the wheel, here’s a synopsis of what’s happened so far:

  • Martin Bashir, Cynthia McFadden, and Terry Moran will serve as co-anchors. The three will assume anchor duties Monday, November 28, 2005 with Moran in Washington and McFadden and Bashir in New York. McFadden will also continue to anchor and report for ABC News Primetime, where she has had a role since 1996, and Mr. Bashir, who joined ABC in 2004, will continue to report for the news magazine 20/20. Expanding its format to multiple news topics each night, Nightline will be produced live from its studios in Washington and ABC’s Times Square Studios in New York.”

  • Sez ABC News President David Westin: “Building on the great legacy of ‘Nightline’ as we go forward to the next era is both a challenge and an exciting opportunity. Cynthia McFadden, Martin Bashir, and Terry Moran bring the combination of intelligence, experience, and perspective that can ensure that Nightline’s future is every bit as bright as its past.”

  • Westin’s memo to ABC staff

  • The hosts’ bios.