The All New Chrysler Returns to Its All Old Heritage


Found during miscellaneous hunts around the web, we finally landed on AutoBlog‘s coverage of the newly-purchased Chrysler turning their back on their relatively new logo, in favor of going back to their iconic Pentastar, which had previously been used from 1925 out to 1999. Here’s some:

In order to celebrate its new found freedom after being divorced from DaimlerChrysler AG, the newly minted Chrysler Corp. will ditch its current winged logo and return to the famous Pentastar logo. The Detroit Free Press is reporting that a senior executive has already emailed some Chrysler employees about the switch back to the old logo after learning about it in a meeting Monday night with veeps and senior management. In addition, the Pentastar will get a redesign to update its look.

Also, on the “actual cars” front, you don’t go through a massive corporate change without some shifting titles and turnover. The new Chrysler has already announced some big changes in their design department, shoving out their current heads and replacing them with two new, um, heads.