The Aflac Duck Comes to Facebook, Has 100,000 Fans

The Aflac Duck is now on Facebook, making friends and posting pictures and updates. Aflac’s new Facebook page is presented from the Aflac Duck’s perspective, with personal photos (shot from an appropriately low perspective) and videos from public appearances, Aflac sponsored events and behind-the-scenes videos and pictures from current and future commercials. The page has already racked up almost 100,000 fans.

Aflac’s use of the popular Duck is a clever way to generate publicity for the insurance company. The page is very creative with a personal feel, and fans have responded with hundreds of comments on the posts. Posts follow the Duck’s travels around the country while working on Aflac commercials and public events.

Keeping the presentation light-hearted makes the page more approachable and creates a fun interaction between fans and the Duck. It’s obviously working much better than some of their competitors’ pages. Geico currently has a fan page with very little content, but it does feature a poll asking for fans’ favorite company icon (Gecko, Caveman and Kash are your options). It’s probably only a matter of time before Geico and other companies tap into the same sort of success the Duck is enjoying.