The Advocate to Release App for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry

Users of iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry devices will soon have the services of an advocate: Here Media, publisher of The Advocate, will team up with Thumb Media Group to release an app sometime during the first quarter of 2011.

The app will provide content from the LGBT news source, including news, entertainment, features, travel, health, and video, with the latter offering episodes of The Advocate On-Air and content from NBC on The Advocate.

Here Media senior vice president and group publisher Joe Landry said:

Thumb Media Group provides the optimal solution for The Advocate‘s emerging mobile presence. Our readers are avid and our offerings are immense, and we look forward to becoming a major player in the growing mobile field. In addition to building and maintaining the app, Thumb Media Group offers the ideal technology to allow our sales force to immerse themselves in the mobile space.

Thumb Media Group CEO Mike Cartabiano added:

Between its interactive community, dynamic content, and video feeds, The Advocate presents an exciting case for Thumb Media Group. We are excited to work with this iconic brand to bring fresh, up-to-the-minute, and on-the-go information to its audience, as well as the sales tactics to its in-house team.