The Ad Council Gets A New Media Upgrade

The Ad Council unveiled their latest project last Thursday, My Ad Council, which essentially posts the organizations public service announcements in a single place. Conceptualized by New Media Strategies and JESS3, the site was built to “encourage advertising agencies, media companies and advertisers to further the reach of the Ad Council’s public service campaigns online” through social media.

Brian Perkins, Corporate VP of Johnson & Johnson and Chair of the Ad Council keyed in on the concept of social media for social good, remarking: “One of the most exciting and valuable uses of social media is for social good. My Ad Council will give the Ad Council’s dedicated and talented supporters a simple way to make a difference and further the Ad Council’s mission.”

The site does a good job of making things shareable via Twitter and Facebook (they also have integrated the Meebo functionality that allows drag and drop sharing), however, for only being out for a few days, it is hard to tell whether or not people will actually get involved and use the functionality that they’ve built. The bigger question here is whether or not people really care about issues like teen dating violence, drunk driving and shelter pet adoption or do they want to just use social media to talk with their friends.

Or maybe not whether they care, but whether or not they’ll take the time to visit a site which simply posts videos that were originally intended to spread awareness about the issues. While I could envision the organization opening up their archives of PSAs for others to embed within their own articles, or profiles, right now there is still a limited amount of content.

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