The 5 W’s of NEO™: Spelling Out PR’s Newest Optimization Technology

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Today we bring you a guest post by Leta Soza. Soza serves as PR Engineer at AirPR, a technology platform to increase PR performance. The San Francisco-based technology company is passionate about using data to show the true impact and value of PR.

Last week, PRTech took another step forward.

Heidi Sullivan, Cision’s SVP of digital content, shared 5 metrics and tools that should be on every PR pro’s radar. On the list was a recent arrival to the SEO/SMO soirée: News Engine Optimization aka NEO™.

If you don’t know about this newcomer to the PR party, let me be the first to introduce you. NEO™ is a new tool for PR optimization. Through robust insights and unprecedented message intelligence, NEO™ aims to usher in a new paradigm for proving the ROI of PR.

An in-depth technology spotlight can found via this recently published white paper, but in case you’re in a rush, I’ve culled together a breakdown of the newest weapon in PR’s arsenal.

Without further ado I bring you the 5 W’s of NEO™:

1. What is NEO™?

Let’s start at the very beginning: NEO™ is a core feature of AirPR’s Analyst product. The technology tracks key soundbytes and messages across influential and authoritative digital media outlets.

NEO™ gives organizations powerful insights into how the media, influencers, and ultimately customers are responding to and amplifying “sticky” messages: messages that can then be used to drive future marketing and PR activities, owned media content creation, and even advertising campaigns.

2. Why is NEO™ important?

One of the key aspects of a PR pro’s job is to understand how to optimize content for SEO. While content written solely for the purpose of driving up organic rankings will slowly erode trust and credibility with those powering search, not to mention your audience, it is of the utmost importance to understand which key messages have the most impact on your brand.

3. Who should care about NEO™?

This concept is important for all business professionals as it repositions the value of PR. NEO™ is a new term in PR lexicon and a way for PR pros to describe the importance of key word tracking. Message efficacy is a core component of what PR brings to the table.

4. What was the impetus for the development of this technology?

With PR now owning much of the content strategy for brands, NEO™ was developed so that brands can use the power of search to inform future brand messaging and even full PR campaigns.

5. Where is this being applied?

The NEO™ white paper showcases examples from Virgin America and Southwest Airlines, but the technology is being applied across every industry.

And a bonus…

How does NEO™ improve PR performance?

Part of PR’s value is understanding which messages are resonating with key audience segments, which ones need optimization, and which ones should be dropped. Until now, there has been no automatic way to execute this. It’s all been anecdotal. If a PR person can show data driven results for key messages than they will be able to “perform” better. Businesses want data and evidence, not anecdotes.

In-depth message intelligence backed by real-time data: are you sold yet?

About Leta Soza:

Leta SozaLeta Soza is a PR Engineer at AirPR where she specializes in PR strategy, content marketing, owned content production, and analytics. She is a former professional contemporary ballet dancer, an advanced level certified sommelier, and a contributing writer for 500 Startups and Entrepreneur. Soza holds BA in Marketing and a BS in Psychology from Loyola University of Chicago. @LetaSoza