5 Ways to Become a Top PR Twit


Over the past couple of weeks, your humble PRNewser team put our noggins together to list the Top Real PR Twits to Follow (Parts 1 and 2, respectively).

It has been our pleasure to provide insights about the premiere public relations professionals who do the Twitter in full flackness. That’s why have received a few questions that go like this, “Well, how can I become a top Twit like them?”

You ask. We answer.

Based on what we know about tweeting, there are no secrets to the craft. Like most things, it is all about practice. However, there are a few other things we can recommend to become a Pied Piper of fellow flacky twits. Want to gain real followers in this world? Get a pen and gather ’round.

Keep-calm-and-spread-the-love1. Spread the Love. Twitter has always been about three things: Voyeurism, narcissism and exhibitionism. People like to watch, be watched and give people something to watch. Do you? Then you have a shot at this tweety-tweet-tweet thing. PR is about making others do all of those. Can you? How often do you favorite one-liners? How often do you retweet great links or thoughts? How often do you provide answers to those asking insightful questions? Step your game up by getting down with giving back on Twitter. Pay it forward, remember?

'Home Tweet Home' pillow on a couch at Twitter HQ in San Francisco2. Tweet on Topic. Think about your last week of tweets. How many times did you share a thought about where you went to eat, Kim Kardashian’s behind or how you need to clean your car? Several perhaps? You see, no one in this industry could give two craps about that stuff. We care about — come on, everybody — PR. Share stories about this craft and deliver on what you advise in your bio. Does it say PR, marketing and social media? Then, tweet about it.

add_value3. Add Some Value. Take the brief quip shared in No. 2. Do you talk about the sundry ballyhoo found on TMZ? Do you provide quality insight about what you had for lunch? Do you share pictures of a blade of grass because you are a closet horticulturist? Yeah, no one cares about all that. Seriously. What’s your theme? Tweet that. What’s your skill set? Discuss that. What’s your passion? Share that. Anything outside of those things need to stay outside. Tied to a pole. Like a bad dog. Waiting for PETA.

good bait4. Use Good Bait. Any angler will tell you the secret to getting good fish is using even better bait. Your tweets should be so appealing that followers and trolls alike have no choice but to share it. This drives traffic to your blog and brings traffic to your social profile. Do you keep tweets short? Are your links the happy ending to a great question or headline? How are your hashtags? All of those are bait. Make sure yours don’t stink.

mean people suck5. Mean People Suck. Unless you are someone famous deserving of the paparazzi losers digging in your trash, stop being a snob. If you are reading this, you are in communications and you ostensibly know someone who has 1,500 followers and only follows 15 — and those include 14 athletes and his or her mom. Few of those flacks are that interesting. Unfortunately, other flacks follow them in droves forcing them to believe all that press. Eventually, the fame and then the followers will be gone. People (e.g., media, flacks, influencers, clients) ultimately follow because of content and connection. Provide both.