The 5 Types of Media Members You Meet at Events

And now for something completely different: an infographic!

This one comes to you courtesy of Bizzabo, which AOR 5WPR describes as “the leading mobile networking app for conferences” specializing in integrating social into the event planning/attendance process.

Click through for their take on the different types of media folks you meet at the average event:

OK, but can we be more than one? Live tweeting? Guilty as charged. Cocktail hour extraordinaire? Check (though we will say the beer selection is often lacking at these things). We’re not into overusing our press credentials, because there are always plenty of eager beavers around to do that. We prefer to approach people after the crowd has thinned for a slightly more personal conversation.

Nice generalizations overall, guys, but you forgot to answer the most important question: which one annoys you the most?