The 5 Most Ridiculous Phone Accessories That Are Real Products

For the accessory-curious such as myself, ogling at weird and bizarre objects is just as entertaining as searching for useful apps. Today’s top five list is an examination into the strange world of smartphone accessories that reveal just how many different types of users exists.

1. iPhone Cup Holder: If you are like me, putting down a coffee cup to send a text or make a call is no big deal, but perhaps others wish to text and sip simultaneously?

2. Anti-Loneliness Soup Bowl: The product name says it all. I can’t imagine watching Tampopo any other way.

3. Bill Cliton iPhone Stickers: The obvious spelling error on the presidential sticker is great, but who really needs to use stickers to show Cliton is calling? You can assign any name or photos to your contacts so save yourself the $10. Besides, I know for a fact there’s not a double screen iPhone.

4. iPotty: I don’t have children. Is this really a good idea? Personally, I have a lot of hygiene questions for parents who wants to use this.

5. Handy iPhone Case: This is the perfect accessory for users who complain that their iPhones were hard to hold. This accessory is “handy.”


(NSFW) Fleshlight Holder (NSFW): This accessory turns your iPad into a sex partner in the worst way imaginable. Looking at this accessory will require at least 10 cute kitten videos to help you cope with the mental stress.