The 5 Fastest Growing Facebook Games Of The Week

What Facebook games are growing weekly? Check out the top 5 list for this week.

CityVille, Zynga‘s latest megahit, has gained over 25 million users this week, according to statistics at Its daily growth is at 4.5 million, making it the leader in daily growth as well. After CityVille is PopCap‘s Zuma Blitz at 483,000 users. Mighty Pirates, developed by CrowdStar, ranks third for weekly growth at 642,000 users, about half of FarmVille’s weekly growth.

Below are the Top 5 Growing Facebook Games this Week:

NameDAUMAUDaily GrowthWeekly Growth
2.Zuma Blitz769,6831,477,080483,8461,363,726
4.Mighty Pirates231,8921,757,04098,310642,803


With over 20 million Facebook users in 11 days, CityVille is growing to be Facebook’s next big game. As of today, CityVille is approaching 4.5 million users per day.

Zuma Blitz

Zuma Blitz is ranked second for this week with a growth of 1.3 million users. This nifty little game allows you to try to score as high as your friends within a minute. At first the game doesn’t seem too appealing, but after seeing the scores of your friends on the side of the screen, beating them is the only thing you have in mind.


FarmVille‘s weekly growth of 1.2 million users, emphasizes to the social gaming world that it’s not dead (or anywhere near it). FarmVille requests still take up the majority of the walls of my friends and family. With CityVille being the new social gaming hit, it will be interesting to see where FarmVille will stand in the upcoming months. Farmville is ranked third with a daily growth of 301,000 users.

Mighty Pirates

Mighty Pirates has a weekly growth of over 630,000 users, which I don’t see slowing down anytime soon, based on their daily growth of 98,000 users (and daily active users of 230,000). Join the Mighty Pirates on their adventure on the social gaming seas.

Boyaa Poker

The Chinese version of Boyaa Poker makes the top 5 list for the week with a growth of 572,000 users. That number is about eight times the weekly growth of users for the English version of Boyaa Poker, which is at 72,000 users and ranked 71 on this week’s list.