The 5 Fastest Growing Brands On Facebook For Black Friday

Black Friday is known for its ability to attract the most fanatic shoppers, some of which have even been trampled to death by the massive crowds. This year there were fortunately no deaths, however many consumers logged on to Facebook on Friday to become a fan of some of their favorite brands. While a rapid growth in fans is not necessarily a sign of how well a company will perform for the holidays, it may provide a bit of insight into what’s popular.

Verizon Adds Over 100,000 Fans In A Day

Last week, the one of the fastest growing Facebook Pages was Verizon, who on Black Friday attracted over 100,000 fans. While we aren’t sure of the source of the boost in popularity, I’d assume that it was a result of a homepage engagement ad. Twice over the past month, Verizon has experienced two day boosts in popularity. While I’m sure there are customers who are fans of the company, I’m equally confident that Verizon is not the type of brand which customers would spend a lot of time searching for on Facebook.

Foot Locker

Foot Locker also experienced a jump in traffic on Black Friday, most likely a result of another homepage ad placement. The company Page doesn’t have many extra features aside from a Store Locator and a widget which links to the company’s daily sweepstakes. In contrast to Verizon, who grew by over 100,000 fans, Foot Locker only jumped by around 9,000 fans.

Natural Clothing

Natural Clothing, an online Italian retailer, has been growing at a rapid pace since Black Friday. The company has grown from 5,800 fans to over 38,000 in just a few days. The reason behind the growth? I’m not quite sure but I’d assume that it’s not a result of a homepage advertisement. The company appears to sell urban culture attire. They also have a blog which highlights recent urban culture events, including recently released skate and snowboarding videos., the online computing retailer, has grown rapidly over the past few weeks, jumping from 147,000 to over 214,000 in approximately three weeks. On Black Friday, the company was the fourth fastest growing Facebook Page, however it appears to have been part of the continuing growth of the company’s fan base, rather than a one-day jump in traffic. The company is providing a whole slew of “Cyber Monday” deals, highlighted on the company’s Facebook Page.


Kohl’s appears to be yet another benefactor of homepage advertisement placement. Alternatively, the company may have promoted it’s Facebook Page elsewhere, but the company definitely experienced a two day spike in their Facebook Page fan base, growing from over 729,000 fans on November 23 to over 846,000 fans on November 25. The tail end of the company’s promotion resulted in an almost 5,000 fan boost on Black Friday. The company’s Facebook Page includes a number of added features such as a “Green Scene” tool which lets you see how local Kohl’s stores are helping the environment.