The 5 Best eReaders To Give For Christmas

Christmas is almost here, and its time to finish your shopping. For the techie/reader in the house, an eReader is a great gift idea. To help you navigate through all of the eReaders available on the market, we’ve put together a list of our favorite eReaders out there on the market. If you are shopping for a tablet, check out our 5 Best Tablets To Give For Christmas List.

1. Nook Simple Touch, $99: Barnes & Noble’s touch screen black & white Wi-Fi enabled eReader is has a 6-inch touchscreen made from eInk that B&N claims works faster than other eInk devices on the market. It also has a long battery life. One charge will hold for two months based on an hour of reading a day.It supports ePUB and PDF among other formats.

2. Kindle Keyboard, $119: For those people looking for a keyboard supported eReader, this is a classic. According to Amazon, the Kindle is the e-commerce company’s No. 1 bestseller and has the most 5-star reviews of any product on Amazon. It’s got a 6-inch black& white eInk screen that is Wi-Fi enabled and is controlled by a keyboard. It is locked into the Amazon proprietary format, but Amazon does have a lot of books.

3. Kobo Touch, $129.99: Kobo’s eReader has a 6-inch black & white touch screen and is Wi-Fi enabled. Kobo has a great social reading tool called Reading Life. It holds about 1,000 books, and you can add to that with an SD card. It supports ePUB, PDF and Mobi, among other formats. Buy it from Kobo to get a $20 giftcard for the Kobo store included.

4. Sony PRS-T1BC, $99: Sony’s eReader has a 6-inch black & white screen button controlled screen and is Wi-Fi enabled. It supports ePUB and PDFs, among other formats. Like the others on the list, it includes the ability to check out books from your local library.

5. Kindle Touch, $99: Amazon’s eReader has a 6-inch black & white touch screen and is Wi-Fi enabled. Be aware that it includes ad- supported screensavers. It supports Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF and unprotected MOBI, among other formats, but does not support ePUB.