The 4 Most Popular Apps on Spotify

Spotify‘s digital jukebox offers the most infectious listening experience since Pandora. In November, the music app that got its big break on Facebook launched a series of third-party apps of its own. Spotify’s director of platform, Sten Garmark, shared four that stood above the rest:

There are links to the apps below, but the best way to find them is by logging into Spotify and clicking “app finder” in the left-side navigation bar.

  1. Soundrop is a collection of virtual rooms where people can hang out, listen to songs with themes like “Dubstep” and “Love the ’90s’s”, and vote on their favorites. To date there are 5,124 listeners in 260 rooms. The listeners played five million songs in February alone, which covers Spotify’s entire catalog and an estimated 100 years’ worth of music.
  2. Tunewiki: If you love a new song, but don’t know the words, this app is your personal karaoke machine.  Users have edited or synched over 100,000 song lyrics in over 40 languages.
  3. Moodagent can help you find music to match your mood, from supplying the soundtrack to your recent breakup to helping you make an awesome sports-training montage. There are 3.5 million playlists made every week. Fortunately, the “happy” mood is twice as popular as the “angry” mood.
  4. SpotOn Radio uses the “music intelligence” recommendation tool from Echo Nest — derived from 5 billion individual data points about 30 million songs and more than 2 million artists — to create radio stations for discovering new music. This one went to number six on the Swedish iPhone app store. It’s a great option for people who like Pandora.