The 30-Year-Old Virgin

A recent profile of Rep. Tim Scott (R-SC) by the National Journal contains several tidbits that we’re shocked haven’t gone viral. Sure, there’s the obligatory tale of Scott rising through the ranks of GOP as a black conservative. They also talk about how he seems to be pretty popular with the ladies. One of the first stories that NJ’s Ben Terris tells is of being at a restaurant with Scott and his staff. A flirty waitress has this encounter with him:

“Then the waitress made physical contact. ‘I think you’re hot,’ she said, putting her palm on Scott’s freshly shaved head. ‘I can feel your heat from over here.'”

Using the line “I can feel your heat” should be outlawed. I can’t imagine anyone finds that hot. That sounds like the last thing a bulky prisoner says to his new cellmate before making him a woman.

That’s not all. As a young candidate, Scott campaigned around South Carolina touting his Christian faith. He was unmarried and proudly told audiences that he had never had sexual relations with a woman because it was against God’s law. That was 1995 and he was a 30-year-old man. Fast forward 17 years. Scott admits that in recent years he hasn’t been so faithful to God’s law.

“Scott laughed when asked recently about whether as a 46-year-old bachelor he adheres to the same virtues that he did at 30. ‘Yeah.… Not as well as I did then,’ he said in his Capitol Hill office. ‘At the end of the day, the Bible is very clear: abstinence until marriage. Not to do so is a sin.’ Scott said he would still go to schools to preach the importance of abstinence but would no longer use his own story. ‘I wouldn’t talk about that anymore,’ he said with a smile. ‘The Bible’s right—you’re better off to wait. I just wish we all had more patience.'”

Hypocrisy isn’t really all that out of the ordinary for Washington politicians or the church, so this is hardly news. But, did God just change her mind on the whole subject? Are we allowed to get down and dirty with people as long as we just recognize that it’s a sin? By that logic, we could do anything that God says not to do and then just ask forgiveness later.

For now we’ll just call Tim Scott a Selective Sinner.