The 30 Most Popular Pages on Facebook

As Facebook prepares to relaunch its Pages product possibly as soon as this week (full details & tour of the redesigned Pages here), we thought we’d take a look at which Pages have achieved the most popularity amongst Facebook users so far to date.

Since Pages launched in late 2007, they have become the easiest way for brands to get started marketing on Facebook. Today, 3.5 million users become Fans of one of the several hundred thousand Pages on Facebook each day.

So here’s the list of the 30 Most Popular Pages on Facebook. The results?

  • Facebook users like soft drinks, pizza, chips, and fast food: Coca Cola, Pringles, McDonalds, and Pizza are all in the top 30.
  • TV shows, music, and movies are also extremely popular: House, Rihanna, Family Guy, and 2 Pages for Twilight are all in the list too.
  • The Facebook audience is international. The most popular Pages on Facebook overall are those which have built global brands over many years – like Coke, Ronaldo, and McDonald’s. The most popular Simpsons Page is actually in Spanish (Los Simpsons).
  • And of course, Barack Obama dominates the list. With nearly 6 million Facebook fans and growing, Obama’s Page is nearly twice as popular as #2 Coke. And there are no other politicians on the list – future contenders are going to need to start working now to even get close to Obama’s reach on Facebook in time for future elections.
30 Most Popular Pages on Facebook
1. Barack Obama – 5,740,677 supporters
2. Coca-Cola3,130,495 fans

3. Nutella2,906,814 fans

4. Pizza2,839,644 fans

5. DR. HOUSE2,624,202 fans

6. Pringles2,614,281 fans

7. Cristiano Ronaldo2,561,864 fans
8. kinder surprise2,453,960 fans

9. Windows Live Messenger2,362,203 fans

10. Facebook2,336,473 fans

11. Sid2,286,026 fans

12. Boo2,198,970 fans

13. YouTube2,185,632 fans

14. Rihanna2,105,659 fans

15. Michael Phelps2,025,760 fans

16. Twilight2,004,922 fans

17. dormir1,933,272 fans

18. Donkey1,919,974 fans

19. Adam Sandler1,912,110 fans

20. Los simpson1,855,006 fans

21. Stewart Griffin1,839,059 fans

22. Coldplay1,795,923 fans

23. ICE CREAM!1,794,544 fans

24. Converse ALL STAR1,766,759 fans

26. FERRERO ROCHER1,747,122 fans

27. Twilight1,685,236 fans

28. BobMarley1,684,321 fans

29. Dormir 5 minutos Mas1,671,635 fansBecome a Fan

30. Mc Donalds1,660,448 fans

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