The 25 (Other) PR Blogs You Should Bookmark Today

BlogHere at PRNewser, we (that’s this team right here) believe we have a sweet blog full of flack-y posts focusing on the PR perspectives behind current events.

We have a firm commitment to sharing stories and objectives along with a light dose of snark every now and then. That’s what got us thinking about other like-minded blogs that feature stories from across this sometimes-great industry of ours. And while this isn’t another edition of “5 Things,” it is a premium listicle.

Here are 25 (other) blogs all PR pros should bookmark.

They are listed in no particular order, but they do have a place in our folders. They should be in yours too.

1. Bad Pitch Blog. Any title tag that begins with “Read Our Wrath” must be good. Founded by Richard Laermer and Kevin Dugan, this is a blog that finds obscure topics and turns them on their ear(s) to help the average PR pro learn how not to write a pitch bad enough to become media room bulletin board fodder.

2. PR SquaredEver heard of Todd Defren, CEO of SHIFT Communications? If so, then move on to number three because you know why this is here. If not, read this blog, which he doesn’t use to shill for SHIFT clients (because SHIFT already has a blog for that), but rather to discusses the industry. He does it very well.

3. PR Daily. The Ragan guys certainly known how to post a steady stream of content: several bloggers, many topics, a colorful array of guest posts. From social to traditional, pitching to best practices, this site is a mandatory stop for daily browsing.

4. Spin Sucks. The name speaks loudly for itself. And what it doesn’t say, one of our buddies — the great Gini Dietrich — says quite nicely twice each day. She is usually spot-on and she does read the comments, so enjoy becoming a fan as we have.

5. O’Dwyer’s. Old-school industry luminary Jack O’Dwyer runs this must-subscribe trade magazine and the salty blog that goes along with it. From its daily PR Links of the Day to the latest RFPs going public, it stays on top of the hard news.

6. PR News. Speaking of industry staples, PR News has three offerings of note: its own blog, water cooler talk, and its regaled collection of ‘PR Insiders.‘ (And yes, we may know one of them personally.) Its slogan is “for smart communicators,” so your brain may actually grow while reading!

7. The Future BuzzWe love a good blog that covers all the bases: social media to pitching, digital marketing to SEO — and all of it focuses on what PR can make of these topics. If you aren’t familiar with Adam Singer or his fine work, we would recommend it.

8. PR 2.0. The online home of Brian Solis will make every list about must-read PR blogs for a reason. Solis is one of a rare group of people who think ahead to help create the trends the rest of will use on behalf of our clients. His blog will show that, too.

9. PRTiniIf you have been around PR for any amount of time, you know about this online destination. Many people in the industry think “Tini” is a name. Actually, the name is Heather Whaling, founder of Geben Communications.

10. Flack Me. This PR offering from the Talent Zoo nation doesn’t always get the fanfare it deserves, yet it offers plenty of expert opinion and whimsical musings about this industry: open letters, agency insights and the fabled fabled #PRFail. (Oh, and we know a guy here too.)

11. The Flack. Another fave of ours at PRNewser is Peter Himler of Flatiron Communications fame. This is his blank slate for the industry, which is a great read for all of us. [Ed. note: he also posts regularly on Forbes and takes people to breakfast at Balthazar. Try the steak!]

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