The 25 Most Liked Pages on Facebook, Fall 2010

The 25 most Liked Pages on Facebook are mostly for musicians, movies, television shows, games, sports and big brands. It’s not surprising that entertainment comprises almost the entire list, because entertainment generates lots of positive attention by nature.

What’s more surprising is that an older Facebook game, Zynga’s Texas Hold’Em Poker, has continued to lead the list — it also did the last time we wrote about the top 25, this past summer. Readers will note that many other familiar names also appear. Take a look below for more.

Our PageData tool, which counts the number of Likes added to a Page each day, shows the 25 most popular Pages range from 12.1 million to 25.5 million fans. That’s up from our previous post, which showed a range of 4.68 million to 19.4 million. The growth is likely due to Facebook’s overall surges, its efforts to promote Pages, and the increasingly active efforts of marketers on Facebook.

For marketers interested in how to grow their Pages and engage with fans, be sure to check out our Facebook Marketing Bible. And without further ado:

The Top 25 Facebook Pages

1. Texas Hold’em Poker25,556,954

2. Facebook – 23,617,053

3. Michael Jackson – 22,424,494

4. Lady Gaga – 21,329,592

5. Family Guy – 19,898,829

6. Eminem – 17,927,089

7. YouTube – 17,851,856

8. Vin Diesel – 17,476,665

9. The Twilight Saga – 16,351,385

10. Starbucks – 16,094,792

11. Megan Fox – 15,985,737

12. South Park – 15,805,546

13. House – 15,635,112

14. Linkin Park – 15,416,063

15. Coca-Cola15,239,135

16. Barack Obama – 15,188,088

17. Mafia Wars – 14,365,947

18. Lil Wayne – 14,286,610

19. Justin Bieber – 14,096,502

20. Cristiano Ronaldo – 13,717,437

21. Bob Marley – 13,119,885

22. Dr. House – 12,759,255

23. Taylor Swift – 12,540,359

24. Rihanna – 12,471,742

25. Oreo – 12,193,790

It’s interesting to note that many of the Pages from our post during the summer reappear on this list. Big brands appear to have cemented their lead through a combination of growing early, and consistent marketing.

They include: Facebook, YouTube, Starbucks, Coca-Cola and Oreo. Zynga’s Texas Hold’em Poker and Mafia Wars were the only two games on the list.

President Barack Obama remains the only politician on the list.

Musicians made up about a third of the list — nine Pages belonged to musicians or groups — and then there were TV and movies.

“Family Guy,” “The Twilight Saga,” “South Park,” “House” and “Dr. House” were all popular and frequently appear on our Top 20 Pages posts, which show those with the most weekly gains. There are movie stars’ Pages making the list, notably Vin Diesel and Megan Fox, as well as super stars, like Portuguese football (soccer) star Cristiano Ronaldo.

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