The 19 Worst Enemies of the Web


A fun, valuable resource to run your next web project up against before you publish it, just to double check to make sure you aren’t committing any sins. By way of Chris Glass, it’s Josiah Coles“19 Things Not To Do When Building a Website.” You’ll find all the regulars, like “DO NOT resize the user’s browser window. EVER.” and “If your website is ALL Flash, FIRE your web development company, and if you made it, add it to your portfolio under ‘Useless Web Projects I’ve Done’ and start over,” as well as some off-the-beaten path suggestions, like:

6. This one is going to get me in trouble. If you are a print designer, and “do websites on the side,” STOP DOING websites and providing “advice” to your print clients about web design. Print design to web design is like designing an ad for a race car, and actually building and racing that race car. Don’t get me wrong, print is great and all, you make pretty pictures and wonderful messages crafted with great copy, but when it comes down to it, it’s still just a picture. People cannot buy the product with a print ad (yet), they can’t communicate with your business through a print ad. I can already here the grumbling coming from the print world, and look, it’s not that I don’t see a purpose for print advertising, just stick to print and don’t nose your way into a medium which you do not know and wouldn’t understand (same goes for general “geeks” who do websites “on the side”)