The $100 Laptop Is Here (and Actually Closer to $150)


Just in time for the holidays, the $100 laptop is available to everyone, provided you work in the MIT Media Lab or have the last name Negroponte. The 1000 working prototypes look a little different than the last time we chatted, but even more astounding is that although there are many mentions of the development process and even a nifty infographic of the features, they never once mention the designer, one Golden Boy Yves Behar, and his hearty band at fuseproject.

Although the price may seem like a Black Friday blowout for all the value-crazed moms and dads out there, Mr. Negroponte says this computer is not for you:

“They should buy Dell’s $499 laptop for now,” he said. “Ours is really designed for developing nations–dusty, dirty, no or unreliable power and so on.”

Not even for camping?