The 10 Best Global Politics Parody Twitter Accounts

If you’re looking for a little break from the news and opinions that proliferate your Twitter feed, you might be interested in the parody accounts made popular on the network.

There are parodies of singers, celebrities, comedians and other famous faces all over Twitter, but some of the best parodies might just be those of our great world leaders.

Foreign Policy has put together their 10 favorite fake Twitter feeds on global politics. And some of the accounts that made the cut are pretty darn hilarious.

Take the parody account of North Korea’s new leader, Kim Jon Un (@KimJongNumberUn). He describes himself in his bio as a formerly being “an unemployed twentysomething still living at home. Now I have nuclear weapons. It’s all good, yo.”

And his tweets are pretty funny. He tweeted to Wikipedia while the side was down protesting SOPA:

You’ll get a chuckle out of following his tweets, but don’t forget to take a look at his background: he’s apparently a big lover of the band Creed.

Some other notable accounts on the list include @RelevantOrgans, tweeting on behalf of the Chinese propaganda machine; @drunkenpredator which describes itself as and “Unmanned Alcoholic Vehicle”; and @ArabicObama who tweets in Arabic about the POTUS (and who boasts a whopping 151,000 followers who either speak Arabic or are willing to translate the tweets for their comedic value).

You can check out Foreign Policy’s full list of the top 10 global politics Twitter parody accounts on their website.

(Top image: ArchMan via Shutterstock)