That’s Refreshing: The AP’s Job Requirements

The Associated Press posted a job for a political reporter in D.C.

Among the responsibilities:

The reporter travels across the country to cover politicians and tell their stories, as well as the stories of those they represent. The reporter will aggressively cover spot news, but also have the ability to step back and explore how political events fit into the larger themes of a changing country. The reporter seeks to make the world of politics understandable to people across the country, and asks hard questions designed to hold politicians accountable for their words and actions.

The reporter is also expected to be comfortable with multimedia components of journalism, including TV, radio and social networking tools.

The reporter also needs 3+ years of political reporting experience, be a good interviewer “who doesn’t shirk from the hard questions” and be a team player.

Those are the qualifications that the AP cares about. The piece of paper saying you graduated from Columbia J-school? Not so much.

Or any piece of paper, it seems:

We’re not saying this is how the AP hires for every job, or even that this job is somehow “easier” than any other journalism job. (It’s definitely not—re-read those job duties if you doubt.) But the lack of emphasis on a degree is refreshing, we think.