That Was Totally ‘Meta’ But I Totally Loved Every Minute

We had a class in college that we loved that spent a lot of time with Foucault, Benjamin and the like. And we really wish we could remember who wrote that batch of material on how museums function, because then we wouldn’t have to introduce this post as such. We could just rattle off this person’s name, Google up their work to refresh us, and sound like brilliant geniuses. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. So we’ll just say, because of that class, and whoever that was who wrote all those brilliant things about the interaction of audience, gallery space, and art, makes such appreciate the Exhibit Now! Contemporary Visions of Exhibition Design at the Platform 21 museum in The Netherlands. It’s an exhibit all about, you guessed it, exhibitions and how they function. Incredible stuff. Far more interesting than you might initially think. And it sounds like they’ve got a huge batch of material here:

With presentations of permanent and temporary exhibitions from museums including:
The Churchill Museum (London), the Natural History Museum (Los Angeles), Lamborghini Pavilion Autostadt (Wolfsburg, Germany), Musee de l’Imprimerie (Lyon, France), the Museum of World Culture (Gothenburg, Sweden), Museum Het Dolhuys (Haarlem, the Netherlands), sWISH* (Expo.02, Biel, Switzerland) and more than 20 others – plus a preview of the forthcoming BMW Museum (Munich) and Suzhu Art and Science Center (Shanghai).