That Was The Year That Was

Is it really New Year’s Eve? Hells yes it is. As we write this, offices around the city are emptying the hell out. You know, NYE, mid-afternoon, blah blah blah.

We’re looking forward to a low-key New Year’s Eve tonight. There’s been far too much partying lately and, damn it, we just want to chill out.

So, in commemoration of the end of the year… And the fact that Ron & I came on just in time for months of magazine foldings, firings, blog meltdowns and strikes, we thought we’d take a look back at the past 12 months.

Without much ado:

  • January: We reported on Amanda Congdon before she fell off the face of the earth.

  • February: A certain Anna Nicole Smith died, taking untold quantities of Xanax to the grave and keeping countless journalists busy for months.

  • March: Remember Bonnie Fuller joining TMZ? Oh yeah, that didn’t happen.

  • April: Don Imus gave America the gift that kept on giving. Oh, and Christopher Hitchens said something stupid.

  • May: Speaking of bats**t crazy, remember Peter Braunstein?

  • June: The first known news of the News Corp-WSJ beast leaked out and we went crazy over The Sopranos.

  • July: That whole selling for $23 million thing.

  • August: As mentioned above, we had a change of editors… and we settled in by writing about Portfolio. A lot.

  • September: Mario Batali lost his flagship show and we celebrated the end of TimesSelect.

  • October: A slower month, but the news about Time Warner’s upcoming shakeup made up for it. Oh, and strike, strike, strike.

  • November: Strike! House & Garden! Norman Mailer! Gawker!

  • December: Don Imus made his awkward return, Conrad Black went to jail, Alycia Lane kept us busy and we said goodbye to Steven Florio.